As a professional knitwear manufacturer, we have professional design group, providing custom service for your knitwear. If customer have samples, we can make it according to customer samples. If customer have no samples,we can design it according to customer idea, or customer can choose our factory samples.

What are the main contents of knitwear design?

1. Knitwear wave-through design
It is the basis and basis for the design of knitted apparel products. It is based on market research by the designer. Fully consider the object and purpose of taking, use the formal beauty rules of clothing styles, and combine the characteristics of knitted fabrics on the outer contour shape, inner structure line, collar shape, sleeve M, The comprehensive design of pockets, side openings, decorations and other aspects is generally embodied in the form of clothing renderings, and sometimes directly in the form of flat line style drawings.

2. Knitted garment structure design
Refers to the transformation of the garment manufacturing design into a flat structure drawing that can be cut, that is, a template (pattern).

1) Knitted garment specification design: According to the garment specification standards and the style characteristics of knitted garments, the wearing objects, the characteristics of knitted fabrics, etc., the specifications and various detailed dimensions of knitted garments are designed in series. At the same time, the measurement method of each part specification is determined. It is the basis of model design and the bridge from modeling design to model design.

2) Plane structure design: model design and production. It is based on the basic method of clothing graphic design and the size of the clothing to transform the effect drawing of the clothing style into a plane structure drawing, and finally form a model.

3. Color selection and comparison is a very important design.
In terms of clothing effects, its importance even precedes styles. The choice and collocation of colors should consider factors such as the wearing object, style, wearing environment, etc., to produce a strong stimulus to consumers; conform to the principles of modern color aesthetics, and pay attention to the use of popular colors.

4. The selection of fabrics into design.
Such as raw material organization structure, square meter grams (that is, thickness), width design and so on.

Note that the choice of colors and fabrics should be considered when designing styles.

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